Track: Hush – King and Queen

Sheffield four-piece Hush combine cosy pub rock familiarity with stadium-sized singalong anthems and their latest single “King and Queen” is no exception. Lead singer Ben Ibbotson’s vocals are pure raw rock, leading us through a hazy, sweaty drunken night out whilst both bass player Dec and guitarist Heather do some dextrous feats of wonder with a bendy bassline and howling sweet riffs. Drummer Cam lends the whole affair the bouncy beat of a great 80s pop rock song, like something Hall and Oates or Katrina and the Waves would send their audiences flinging themselves across the dancefloors to. The whole thing comes together in a pop rock melange reminiscent of Green Day, Queens of the Stone Age and the Hives.

Whilst the band might have acknowledge that the story is an exaggerated or even fictional account of a crazy night on the tiles, the experience of seeing Hush live is very close to the feeling of the song. It’s unswervingly upbeat, has a sing/yell-along portion, an instantly memorable chorus and an irresistible vibe which will put a smile on your face and a spring in your step as you find yourself dancing along.

Hush might be newish players on the scene, but they’ve got talent and energy – something you’ll need to keep up with their unrelenting positivity.

Get the track now from iTunes or listen on Spotify. Check the band out live if you can and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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