Feature: Paul White gives us a track by track low down on new album Rejuvenate

With his new album Rejuvenate out today via R & S records, London producer Paul White has given us a low down on each track from the album, which features guests such as Denai Moore, Shungudzo and Sarah Williams White. Better known for his work with Jamie Woon and Danny Brown, and as one half of Golden Rules, White has created a sound of his own, mixing up his house and electronic sensibilities with elements of indie, psych, rock and others.
Check out the recent video for Spare Gold, and read on
For so much of our short lives we get caught up in our minds, our thoughts, our egos, our opinions, and tell ourselves stories. This distracts us and can take us out of the moment, which is essentially reality. This song is saying you do a choice though, a choice to tune out of your mind and into the natural joy of the moment and life.
SET THE TONE – Feat. Denai Moore
This song features the wonderful Denai Moore. I don’t like to explain someones else’s lyrics, and its special how people can interpret words differently depending on the moment in their life they’re in. Id say this song is about letting go to let something else in, opening up a new limitless open space and flowing with it.
SEE THROUGH  – Feat. Denai Moore
This song again features Denai. We spoke a little before writing both songs about childlike states verses adult states of mind. This song to me talks about images we project of ourselves to others, and even to ourselves, hiding and running from troubling things inside us, not dealing with them, and actually how people can always see through those acts, even ourselves in the end.
This song is about the feeling of a renewed fresh energised state. A free wide open limitless space full of new possibilities. This was the first song I wrote sober in 15 years after battling with my addictions for so many years. So what came with it was a massive sense of relief and a massive new sense of freedom.
SPARE GOLD – Feat. Shungudzo
This song features the incredibly talented Shungudzo. This was one of the first songs we wrote, it’s about things that can keep you from a childlike joyful state. Things that suppress us and keep us in a constant state of stress, which therefore takes us back into our minds and away from the naturally joyful experience of life. But there is another option.
ICE CREAM MAN – Feat. Shungudzo
This song again features Shungudzo. I had a strong feeling one day to send this to her, I’m glad I had that feeling because four days latershe sent the vocals back, completely finished. The song is about childhood memories of joy, freedom, fun and imagination, growing up, then learning how to be a child again full of that same sense of fun. Shun put some extra sauce in there too for extra fun effect!
This short song represents a shift and a change, a transition. its almost like a children’s lullaby too.
This piece is about celebrating the feeling of rejuvenation. How wonderful it feels to have a new energy inside you, a new freedom.
One of the most beautiful things in life is falling in love, if not the most. It was a gorgeous summers day, I went to Greenwich Park and just watched people with the instrumental playing in my headphones. I kept seeing all these couples deeply in love it was beautiful. I thought how amazing it was that once they never even knew each other but now they’re one being totally in love. Like their souls had been re-united.
LAUGH WITH ME – Feat. Sarah Williams White
This song is about pure simple childlike joy. This song features the incredibly special talent of Sarah Williams White, who happens to be my sister. Its the most happy joyful song on the record. It was so special to do sing with my sister. She came to the studio and we reminisced about our childhood summer holidays surfing in Cornwall, how much fun we had, how those times will always be so special, we immediately wrote the lyrics and recorded the song.
ALL AROUND – Feat. Sarah Williams White
This song again features Sarah Williams White. This ending piece is suppose to represent the feeling of purely and totally letting yourself go, like a child does all the time. Children are not self conscious, not self judgmental, just full of imagination and totally open to the pure natural highs of life and always in the moment. I wanted the album to end on the feeling of letting yourself soak that feeling up till it becomes you.
Rejuvenate is out now on R & S recordings.
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