News: Lawnmower Deth plan to re-release Ooh Crikey It’s, plus Download apprearance

It’s not fair to say legendary thrash metallers Lawnmower Deth are back, because technically they reformed in 2008, after three and a half albums worth of injecting humour into the genre, and continuing in the tradition of unlikely covers, taking on the likes of Kim Wilde, Squeeze, The Osmonds and Fleetwood Mac between 1987 and 1993.

Maybe now though, there’s a definite plan. Or at least, a Kickstarter page. PLans are afoot by the band and long time label Earache to repress and re-release the bands full length debut album, 1990’s Ooh Crikey. Not only is it 25 years (or thereabouts), it’s all for a deserving charity it turns out as well, as frontman Pete ‘Qualcast Mutilator’ Lee explains

“You know that giddy feeling you get.  The one when you’re 9 and 3/4 old, that one where it makes you kick your legs, the one that makes you run down hills going ‘urgh-urgh-urgh-urgh-urgh’.  You mean you’ve forgotten?  Fear not.  Here’s how to get it back.  Them lovely people at Earache and now honorary buffoons have decided, after your years of pestering, to reissue the now legendary opus that is ‘Dark Side of the Moon’.  Ok, they couldn’t get that, but they have got ‘Ooh Crikey It’s…’.  Horns.  Heard ya!  And not only that, all profits will go to our most favourite and deserving charity, The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  We need your pledges, now!  Show us the money.  Show SOPHIE the money.  You can always chuck the vinyl away afterwards.”

So, if you’re not familiar, check this out as a mere example.

Then get yourself over to the bands Kickstarter campaign

where, if successful (they’re currently only a tantalising £1300 short, with 20 odd days left to go) Earache will produce a limited run of vinyl and cd’s. Fans can pledge for ow for signed band photos, “Ooh crikey It’s…” CDs, vinyl in a range of colours, never before released demo tracks, your name in the credits of the entire CD and vinyl print run and, in true Lawnmower Deth style, signed original Weebles (kids – ask your parents), a “Satan’s Trampoline”, adopt-a-sheep, and even (of course) a Qualcast lawnmower signed by the band.

If that wasn’t enough, the band are set to appear at this years Download Festival. Over to you.

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