Live: Broken Twin at St John on Bethnal Green

Broken Twin’s music demands this church setting; somewhere deeply sonorous and solemn, redolent with the deliciously evocative smell of candle wax. On this windswept Wednesday evening, Majke Voss Romme and band are intense and focused, with barely a word spoken outside of song. 

They arrive on stage without fanfare, settle into position and off they set, beginning with “The Aching”, opening track of debut album “May”.  From there, they treat us to a high fidelity live recreation of the record.  The music resonates with quiet power (albeit that it could occasionally be stepped up without destroying the atmosphere) and Majke is in consistent, strong voice.

Stand-out moments for me were the aforementioned “The Aching”, “Soon After This” and “Out Of Air”.  Although the short tour is now over, you should keep a close eye out for the return of Broken Twin.  Given the positive response in UK media I think it’s inevitable that they’ll be back before too long.

“May” is out now on Anti Records.

A short post-script. There was some disgruntlement at the gig about the amount of photography going on.  For my part, my apologies – inexperience, very low light, and over-enthusiasm all played their part, but I’m sorry if my picture-taking upset anyone or compromised their enjoyment of the evening. Lesson learned.

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