Album Review: Infernalizer – The Ugly Truth

Goth metal band Infernalizer (ft. Claudio Ravinale of Disarmonia Mundi) have released their debut album ‘The Ugly Truth’ via Rockshots Records. The album is heavily influenced by 80’s metal acts such as Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Danzig that pays homage to more somber gothic rock acts like Type O Negative and The Sisters Of Mercy.

Album opener ‘Night shift’ sets the scene for what to expect from this band. Child like intro from the twinkling synths with eerie noises just to make sure you are listening to the right album. The track builds and builds with the shudder of distorted guitar chords before fading out.

‘The Outsider’ is where the metal takes over. Harsh and loud with vocals that just touch menacing enough to understand yet still sound every inch metal.

‘Leaving So Soon’ is the first single off the album and the worlds introduction to the band. Vocals are key here and Ravinale sounds like a Gothic Metal God. From the deep verses to letting loose with that scream during the chorus. He brings an intensity with his voice that rouses my inner metal fan.

In Retrospect starts off harder and faster with a thundering riff and harsher shouted vocals. The bridge holds back with almost whisper quiet vocals before the chorus becomes a gang chant. Its with tracks like this you start to appreciate the guitar playing. Hard and fast when needed but there’s plenty of moments where the notes are allowed to breath. Supporting each song with no unnecessary showing off.

Starting all mellow with piano and choral voices ‘Cruel Intentions’ soon turns into a different beast with devil vocals. Ravinale has a great way of finding a melody with his lyrics that go over the top of the music and sit so well. He rises with the music. Thats not to say the music is purely there for a base for him. The band all gets moments to shine, a solo from the synths bouncing left to right and the guitar getting all energetic are moments that makes this track so successful.

The album picks up some other elements with the next two tracks displaying a more punkier aspect to the music. ‘Ugly Truth’ is a metal hammer to the eardrums with thundering guitars and deep sinister vocals before the signature Ravinale vocals take over. We are treated to the guitarist stretching himself and laying down a particular tasty solo. ‘In This World Or The Next’ is full on gothic punk. Fast shouted vocals and heavy relentless guitars create a barrage of music.

Closest track to a ballad ‘Leave A Scar’ albeit of a relationship gone bad. The menacing lilt to the vocal delivery is topped by the hate filled chorus with tis vocals that are spat out.

‘I Don’t Wanna Be’ razor sharp guitars arise with this punk rock anthem with the shouted chorus, “I don’t wanna be me”. Also a chance for the guitarist to show his chops. Star of the show is the drummer who is beating the crap out of his drum kit the entire track.

Ominous space sounding synths set the scene for last track ‘Autumn Of Terror’. An instrumental track where strummed guitars and synths play about creating an interesting mixture of sounds.

An album that sounds full of fun underneath the gothic gloom. You can hear the passion and joy that has gone into it. Here the band have created music for themselves. Ravinale sounds full of like and his vocal delivery are the shining start of this album. His ability to be slow and menacing and then full on metal God full of punky spleen and angst is what makes this album all the more worth to have in your collection.

Let us not forget the guys behind him though. The music rises and falls depending on what the track requires. It’s all carried out with no fuss and punk passion that masks the precision, as there is nothing unnecessary here and no note is wasted. From gentle synths that float and twinkle to create atmospheres to full on punch to the throat metal. This is music created by music fans for fans of music.

Check out the first single ‘Leaving So soon’, below

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