Say Psych: Video Premiere: Pete International Airport – Next of Kin

BSM brings you the premiere of ‘Next Of Kin’, the latest track from Pete International Airport’s third album, It Felt Like the End of the World.

The video is directed by Francesca Bonci, who also did the album’s artwork.

Named after a song by Peter G. Holmström’s other band, The Dandy Warhols, the eclectic project nails the elusive aesthetic of unexpected yet inviting sound art. The band’s quest to build immersive soundscapes that are also classic, catchy songs succeeds, in part, due to Holmström’s uncanny ability to curate and his penchant for dropping collaborators into challenging creative spaces—both virtual and actual—then letting them duke it out. Rachel Goswell from Slowdive, Alexander Hackett from Pang Attack, Dion Lunadon from A Place To Bury Strangers and the D4, and, none-other-than Tom Petersson from Cheap Trick (on 12 string bass), tangle with Peter’s usual coterie of musical foils. The results are folded into Holmström’s hyper-stylized world of symbols, themes, and archetypes. 

Singer Lisa Elle who is based in London said about the track “In the depths of isolation I recall wanting to overcome the usual caution and hesitation one often experiences when faced with lots of time and choice. Recognising that life is fleeing can actually be life affirming. This is a song born of frustration and a need to push onwards full heartedly. Working with Peter remotely has been, on the one hand a private experience  – developing ideas and recording by myself but also a liberating exercise in surrender and real creative acceptance. It was always a surprise to hear what would become of what I shared across oceans and time zones. The slow uncovering and evolving of songs has been a treat. And seeing what magic Francesca brings visually is a joy!  I hope you enjoy this collaborative work as much as I have done being part of creating it!”

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