Throwing Snow – ‘Lithics’: an organic, midtempo call to euphoric IDM prayer

Ross Tones, aka Throwing Snow

ROSS TONES, the Northern Englishman who’s made his way to a rural retreat in the South West via the capital, is regarded as something of a mainstay over at Houndstooth, the label that’s spiralled out of London’s fabric club.

He’s just followed up last year’s The Folly of Pangloss EP, which he released under the alias Throwing Snow, with another track under that nom-de-musique. It’s called “Lithics”, it’s out now on all digital streaming platforms, and you can hear it below.

Ross says of “Lithics”: [“It’s] the result of experiments with traditional instruments that I’ve been trying to learn over the last few years. 

“The bodhrán emulates an 808 kick, while the daf takes the snare and higher elements. 

“The string line that intermingles with the synths is the Indian esraj, with a contact mic on the bridge played through various pedals.”

It lopes along like a more organic Boards of Canada, with minarets hazing through through those high melody lines; a call to IDM prayer, fizzing and euphoric. I can imagine a late night car cruise, the beat keeping time with the oases of yellowed halogen from the street lights, observing a semi-sleeping world.

More new music from Throwing Snow is due later this year. 

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