Album Review: The Waterboys – Good Luck, seeker

The Scottish genre wandering folk rockers are sharing their next chapter in their music legacy with the release of album – Good Luck, seeker. A romping, roaring collection of tracks displaying all of what this band have become.

The singles ‘My Wanderings In The Weary Land’, ‘The Soul Singer’, ‘Low Down In The Broom’ and ‘Postcard From The Celtic Dreamland’ sums the 16th studio album from Mike and the band perfectly and serves as a reminder that their really is no band quite like The Waterboys.

They dive straight through a whole heap of genres and styles. Theres the album opener ‘The Soul Singer’, ‘You’ve Got To Kiss A Frog Or Two’ (listen out for the stereo swapping near the end), and ‘Why Should I Love You’ that are straight up pop hits. Mixed with the funky drum slapping beats of ‘Dennis Hopper’ and urban 80’s disco beats of ‘Freak Street’. The album also gives us wild fantasy folk of ‘My Wandering In The Weary Land’ and ‘Everchanging’ and the literature inspired ‘Low Down On The Broom’

Sticky Fingers is an organ led band jam intro for ‘Why Should I Love You’. A strangely uplifting track with soft whisper verses and bouncing jolly choruses and one hell of a solo to end.

The stereo production continues with ‘The Golden Work’ featuring distorted vocals gives this a distinctive futuristic feel before the album drops with the highlight folk mash up in the form of ‘My Wandering In The Weary Land’. A song only The Waterboys could produce. Mikes lyrics deeply routed in fantastical story telling is hypnotic here and the band sound alive with electricity and inspiration.

Story telling which continues into ‘Postcard From The Celtic Dreamland’ a tour of the Celtic isles whilst floating on a cloud of violins and and swirling feedback.

Title track ‘Good Luck Seeker’ feels like an advertisement for a better world with the use of the spoken word that is also shared with tracks ‘Beauty In Repetition’ and ‘The Land Of Sunset’

It is as eclectic as The Waterboys have ever been and what ever they turn their hands too sounds like no one else. Have The Waterboys ever made a bad album? Good luck, seeker carries on this trend.

Have a listen to ‘My Wandering In The Weary Land’ below:

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Good Luck, Seeker Tracklist

1. “The Soul Singer”
2. “(You’ve Got To) Kiss A Frog Or Two”
3. “Low Down In The Broom”
4. “Dennis Hopper”
5. “Freak Street”
6. “Sticky Fingers”
7. “Why Should I Love You?”
8. “The Golden Work”
9. “My Wanderings In The Weary Land”
10. “Postcard From The Celtic Dreamtime”
11. “Good Luck, Seeker”
12. “Beauty In Repetition”
13. “Everchanging”
14. “The Land Of Sunset”

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