Track : Dolly Dagger Channels The Halloween Spirit With ‘ Say What You Wanna’

Dolly Dagger- Photo Credit Erin Naifeh
Dolly Dagger: Say What You Wanna

Charged with feminine power and rocking vocals , Australian artist Dolly Dagger delivers her second
single “Say What You Wanna” October 22nd with pure courage, conviction and a killer instinct. The track features heavy guitar riffs , crafty and catchy lyrics , all to inform the listener that there are clever ways to end old friendships. I for one find this highly original and refreshing, to say the least !“There’ll be peace when you can speak it/ And I’ll be free when I can feel it/ I’ll be leaving best believe it…” The lyrics almost fuel into the anthem like song, coupled with a video clip that wittily sees Dagger ‘ending’ her friendship over mock- fashion in full on Halloween guise.
Dolly says. “This song is about letting it all go,moving on and cutting the dead weight loose.” To tie things together, Dolly produced, self-shot and edited this horror-style music video herself, in which she has to dispose of a body that works as a perfect metaphor for the emotion behind a longtime friendship fallout. The video and song also feature guitarist, friend and composer Jesse McInturff, who worked with Dolly on the track. It’s clear that Dolly has channeled the loss of friendship into a three minute cathartic musical metaphor, reminding us to ‘kill our ego’, not each other.

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