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"Here it comes, brace yourself."


Smart, literate and good natured, Spirit of Play’s new EP is shot-through with the book-smarts and approachability you might expect from a four piece band consisting of employees of the Times Literary Supplement. While you’d be right in not expecting visceral rock and roll thrills from such a self-confessed geeky group, the uncharacteristically aggressive Apocalypse is a four track EP of well written, intelligent and tuneful alt-folk that absolutely hits the spot.

The blend of male and female lead vocals on the EP are particularly effective, the lyrics are pleasingly geeky, and it is sympathetically produced. A bit sciencey, a bit folky, a bit poppy and entirely refreshing, Apocalypse is already available at: https://spiritofplay.bandcamp.com/album/apocalypse and is available on iTunes from 21 July.