Premiere: Soft Velvet Lounge Deliver Shimmering New Single ‘Blood’

For Soft Velvet Lounge, it really feels like this is the beginning of something. As they release their debut album Life Of The Party, they put focus on their new single ‘Blood’ and we’re lucky enough to be running the premiere!

A strikingly impactful sound with a fresh edge but clearly a measured and experienced musical mind behind it, ‘Blood’ is a sonic treat with a poignant and timely message to boot. Layers of washing synths modulated bass and reverb-soaked vocals float ethereally over punch, tightly compressed drums to create an enticing, atmospheric yet punchy dream-pop soundscape. Akin to the likes of Beach House mixed with the late Vangelis the track is as exciting as it is musically beautiful.

Lyrically the track possesses hidden depths – Jazz, one half of the band, is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and like a lot of people in that similar position, has had to go through justifying herself to those around her and society in general. ‘Blood’, to which she wrote the lyrics, expresses some of this hardship unapologetically, but instead of making more out of her position, finds the silver lining in spreading the message as a show of support to her fellow LGBTQ+ members. “Family doesn’t have to be Blood” is the key point behind the song. The song itself barely made it onto the album as it carried such weight, so Jazz split the singing duties with bandmate Zedadiah Martinez.

Life Of The Party is released this Friday both digitally and physically, take a sneak peek at the lead single ‘Blood’ ahead of the release below:

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