News: Bronski Beat’s Larry Steinbachek dies at 56

Keyboard player Larry Steinbachek, a founder member of Synth-pop trio Bronksi Beat along with Steve Bronski and Jimmy Somerville, has died at 56 following a short battle with cancer, his sister has revealed to the BBC.

Tributes were paid from Somerville, who posted a link to a demo version of Screaming on his facebook page and said “In memory of Larry Steinbacheck whose death was announced yesterday. “We were young, brave and determined. Too OUT to stay in! Thank you for that moment Larry.” Jimmy, 12th January 2017. Richard Coles, with whom Jimmy Somerville went on to form The Communards, tweeted

As did Marc Almond, who scored a big hit with the band in 1985 with their cover of Donna Summer’s I feel love

The band were known for campaigning on gay rights, and their debut album The age of consent, as well as wrapping up their concerns and aspirations and suffering in beautiful slices of electro-pop, they also displayed the age of consent for males around the world on its inner sleeve.

Steinbacheck stayed with the band unrtil 1995, when he became the musical director for Michael Laub’s theatre company, ‘Remote Control Productions’.

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