News: Terror To Release Trapped In A World LP On March 5th

As one of the innovators and prime successors of hardcore music as we know it today, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Terror, giants of LA Hardcore, are still slamming around. Since their cultivation in
2002, Terror has spread the juggernaut of simple yet blistering music with aggressive straightforward messages to which anyone could relate. However with the Corona plague putting any hopes of touring in
a stranglehold, Terror have been biding their time creating music in the studio releasing the Sink to the Hell EP last December. Now, in what seems to be in no time at all, they have begun teasing a new LP titled Trapped In A World.

The creation of this LP has been bolstered under the guise of a compilation album– this is only a half truth, in that it features select songs from their first two albums Lowest of the Low and One With the
, all of which have been re-recorded for this album. As an added bonus, to emulate the original sound, both in musicianship and production, it features the return of their original guitarist Todd Jones, who after leaving Terror in 2004 went on to form seminal powerviolence outfit Nails.
The entirety of the tracks on Trapped in A World were recorded live in their drummer Nick Jett’s studio, as to recapture the rugged intensity and balls-to-the-wall aggression that pulsated throughout both records- while also updating them. Its presentation works on the grounds of fan-service, while
simultaneously functioning as an introductory record for first-time listeners.

Currently, Terror has officially released one single from the album, which is ‘Overcome’. The sounds and emotions don’t stray too
much from their original output as to not alienate their longtime fans– it holds its original vitriol to garner a similar reaction among freshman listeners.

An album of this caliber can easily be thrown about as a cash grab, ruminating in the nostalgia of how things “used to be”. But, hardcore music is shrouded in so much integrity that a band of Terror’s stature
wouldn’t fall victim to such desperation. I stand to believe that Terror revisiting their roots is a prospect to strategize their next steps, based off what’s obtained through this musical excursion and overall reaction
of their fanbase. The album is set for release on March 5th.

Here ‘Overcome’ from the new album here!


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