Track: Black Soul Horde release new EP and share track ‘The Frail And The Weak’

Greek heavy-metal trio Black Soul Horde have shared a music video for their acoustic version of ‘The Frail And The Weak’ featuring Johnny Thermos on piano and Katerina Garofallidi. This track is available on their newly-released EP ‘A Lonely Road’ featuring acoustic versions of two songs from their second album ‘Land of Demise’.

Forceful and melodic piano and acoustic guitar lay down a interwinding melodies to this haunting track. On top of this is an absorbing vocal performance from Jim Kotis and Katerina Garofallidi. Reducing this track to its bare elements has brought out the emotionally heavy and darker side of the lyrics hiding by the distorted guitars and drums on the original.

Check it out, here

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In addition to ‘The Frail And The Weak’, ‘A Lonely Road’ also features a reworked version of ‘A Neverending Journey’ and is now available for free at Black Soul Horde’s bandcamp. Where you can also purchase the EP and album ‘Land Of Demise’.

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