Track: The Waterboys – My Wanderings In The Weary Land

The Waterboys, one of the most creative, loved and literate bands of the last four decades, return this summer with their 14th studio album Good Luck, Seeker. The first track to go live is the seven-minute mash-up manifesto ‘My Wanderings In The Weary Land’.
Comprising dramatic spoken-word over wild, relentless genre-busting music, ‘My Wanderings In The Weary Land’ might just be the greatest rock’n’roll record ever made – and one that is darkly appropriate for our weird, wired times.
Is it psychedelic soul? Is it trance? Is it punk? Whatever it is, it’s the first taste of Good Luck, Seeker, which will be released on August 21st via Cooking Vinyl.

This is such a wonderfully produced track. No one makes a mad mash up of instruments sound like The Waterboys. The vocals sound urgent and clear, the guitars bright and punchy and the drums bringing everything together. Theres great musicianship and well crafted lyrics and I dare you not to air drum along to this track. Its loud brash folk rock at its finest, proving once again that The Waterboys are one of the few bands that just make simply brilliant music.

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