Track: -(16)- share track ‘Tear It Down’ from Split Doom Session Album

Label Heavy Psych are on their third instalment of their Doom sessions. Volume 3 features -(16)- and Italy’s sludge mongers Grime. With the album due 26th February, 16 have shared a new track – ‘Tear It Down’.

“‘Tear it Down’ is a song that’s has been in our live set for a few years and has evolved through a few different iterations to finally land here on our split release with fellow sludge brethren Grime. Thanks to Chariot of Black Moth for providing the stunning editing and for contributing visually to the vibe of the song.” comment -(16)-. 

There’s no denying 16 are one of the greatest dooms bands going. Breathy harsh vocals that just sound so good on top of the slow, heavy and grinding guitar work. It’s the manic ending that makes this track though, one of the best 16 tracks we get the pleasure of listening too. Sounds like something very much needed right now. Volume up!

Check it out, here

Preorder the album here for the USA and here for Europe


SIDE A – -(16)-
Tear It Down – 5:39
Death On Repeat – 4:09
Nachzehrer – 4:12

Piece Of Flesh – 5.44
Sick Of Life – 5:40

Find out more about -(16)- via their Facebook 

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