Album Review : Diagnos’ ‘Diagnos’

Listening to Diagnos’ debut self-titled record is a beguiling experience. It falls somewhere between ambient noise pop and hypnotic electronica. There’s moments where you get lost in the melodic drone only to be pulled from the ether by a ghostly vocal track. But don’t be fooled, this album belongs to the production work of the band’s duo Per Nyström and Marcus Harrling. They use loops and layered keyboards to create dizzying tracks of experimental drone and technicolor sound worlds. 

If you like dipping your toes in psychedelic drone with a European flair then Diagnos will be your cup of tea. Even if you’re just a novice in the experimental musical world you might find something to sink your teeth into without breaking a tooth. “Be Good” almost has a dance floor vibe. There’s a late-60s vibe going on here that invites one to light some incense and sink into the groove Nyström and Harrling have created here. Just when you think you might’ve stumbled upon a new Cornershop track “Blood In Sand” brings things to a slow crawl. With just piano and female vocals it could pass for early Blonde Redhead. “Walking Down” has a post-rock feel. It floats upon lazy guitar feedback and a melodic guitar line. There’s an uplifting quality in this song that’s hard to describe. “Fading Light” sports a wonky drum beat and 60s-style organ with some groovy vocals to boot.

Diagnos likes to mix things up. They go from acid-burnt drone to a psychedelic 60s pop flair with the drop of a hat. They shift moods and vibes from song to song, which makes this debut album an exciting listen each time.

‘Diagnos’ will be available via Control Freak Kitten Records on July 14th.


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