Album Review: Black Rainbows – Cosmic Ritual Supertrip

Italy’s cult stoner rockers BLACK RAINBOWS are back with their ass-kicking, whiplash-inducing new album ‘Cosmic Ritual Supertrip’ this May 22nd on Heavy Psych Sounds! 

The new album is heavier than 2018’s ‘Pandemonium’ and this eighth full-length album is about to turn your heads upside down for good. No matter how psychedelic the title may sound ‘Cosmic Ritual Supertrip’ is nothing but straight-up, action-packed heavy rock’n’roll dripping with groove and Black Rainbows’ unrivalled expertise for bangers.

The album is a 70s slap in the face with fuzzed up guitars and slapping cymbals harking back to the good old days. It can be easy to forget that this is a trio at work, as the wall of sound crashing through the speakers is huge.

Opening track ‘Midnight You Cry’ is the perfect introduction to this 70s slap. Its heavy like a Black Sabbath album and showcases how tight these guys are together. They have been playing together for well over a decade and it shows.

First single ‘Radio 666’ brings the psych back featuring a stoner riff “We chose Radio 666 as our sophomore single because it’s catchy, straight in your face and it has a cool vibe. It sounds like the soundtrack of a trip on the California coast in a cool Ford Mustang!” states frontman Gabriele Fiori.

The stoner rock continues with single ‘Isolation’ featuring some tasty lead work. The pounding drums are the backbone of this track allowing not only the guitars to stretch out but also Fiori’s vocals.

‘Hypnotized by the Solenoid’ sounds like a slice of 90s Manchester with its jangling guitars. It sound turns in to a rock monster with a prog style solo with the band jamming till the end.

Rock arpeggio guitars and chorus drenched vocals open ‘The Great Design’. The track builds the suspense before the inevitable drop which doesn’t come until ‘Master Rocket Power Blast’ straight up head rocking killer riff kicks it off again.

‘Snowbal’l lets the guitars loose with some bluesy guitar work coated in the expected fuzz. A standout track and shows a band willing to bring in other influences to flavour their work

‘Glittereyzed’ returns the hypnotic stoner that these guys do so well which is carried over to album closer ‘Sacred Graal’. Both these tracks featuring thick riffs and screaming vocals.

Buying a physical copy gets you two extra tracks in the form of foot stomping acoustic basher ‘Searching For Satellites’ and an out right rocker in the wonderfully titled ‘Fire Breather’. Worth it for ‘Searching For Satellites’ alone, but do yourself a favour and get this album on vinyl and listen to it with headphones for a true taste of the 70s.

This is there best work yet. they have taken all the best that 90s stoner rock and 70’s heavy rock have and mashed them together to create something for fans of both genres and in fact fans of rock itself.

Check out track Master Rocket Power Blast

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1. At Midnight You Cry
2. Universal Phase
3. Radio 666
4. Isolation
5. The Great Design
6. Hypnotized By The Solenoid
7. Master Rocket Power Blast
8. Snowball
9. Glittereyzed
10. Sacred Graal

11. Searching For Satellites Part I & II
12. Fire Breather
(Bonus Tracks for Ultra LTD Double Vinyl and CD)

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