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ALEXISONFIRE has just released a fan-fuelled video for ‘Season of the Flood’. The video is notably comprised of footage shot exclusively by AOF concert-goers in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. During the band’s January 2020 Western Canadian tour, fans were encouraged to shoot footage of the live performance of ‘Season of the Flood’ from their mobile devices and submit it to the band. Earlier this week, Alexisonfire sent the finished video to everyone who submitted footage, ensuring their fans were the first to give their collective work a proper global debut ahead of the public premiere.

‘Season Of The flood’ sums up the band well with its great production, vocal harmonies and hypnotic great sounding guitars. The track opens to a full band attack taking it to another level of swirling angst. The track comes on the heels of ‘Familiar Drugs’ and ‘Complicit’ released last year, marking the first time the band released new music in almost 10 years. 

Check it out, here.

In addition, four more live videos will be released on May 18 featuring footage from December 29, 2012, the last of four incredible sold-out shows that Alexisonfire performed at Sound Academy in Toronto. See below for setlists and pre-save links for May 18.

Live at Sound Academy Tracklist – Premieres May 18: 01) Accidents –   02) Young Cardinals – 03) Sons of Privilege + Control –

As an extra treat a handful of blu-ray copies of the Live At Copps concert will be made available on the Dine Alone Store. Fans can also purchase the Alexisonfire: Live at Copps 4-LP set at a reduced price starting today and running until Monday May 18 at: and the Dine Alone Store.

Alexisonfire: Live at Copps Tracklist:

01) Young Cardinals 02) Boiled Frogs 03) Heading For The Sun 04) .44 Caliber Love Letter 05) Drunks, Lovers, Sinners And Saints 06) No Transitory 07) Crisis 08) Rough Hands 09) Charlie Sheen VS Henry Rollins 10) Born and Raised 11) Waterwings (And Other Poolside Fashion Faux Pas) 12) You Burn First 13) We Are The Sound 14) Keep It On Wax 15) Accept Crime 16) Mailbox Arson 17) Get Fighted 18) Old Crows 19) The Northern 20) Dogs Blood 21) Accidents 22) Pulmonary Archery 23) This Could Be Anywhere In The World 24) Happiness By The Kilowatt

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