Track: ENDIFAUST Shares Emo-Pop Banger ‘Step Into The Light’

ENDITFAUST shares the impactful, infectious emo-bop banger ‘Step Into The Light.’

Opener with overlapping compressed acoustic guitar loops, boxy drums and ENDIFAUST’s breathy, captivating, auto-tuned lead vocal the track soon grows into an explosive, anthemic synth-rock-pop anthem. A melting pot of punching beats, distorted guitar lines, huge fuzzy sub bass and sawing synths, the chorus packs a punch – an eruption of angst ridden expression.

Dipping back down to the understated verse before once again bursting into the giant chorus, the track manages to balance emotional expression with catchy melodies and interesting musical choices to create a captivating musical experience.

Speaking about the single, he says: “I was heavily influenced by Edgerunners. The second I finished the series, I strongly resonated with the atmosphere and characters and felt the need to express that. It helped me find the bittersweet words that I was struggling to articulate the deep-seated feeling of being ‘too angry die’ by channeling anguish and passion to triumph over life.”

Listen below:

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