Newcastle singer-songwriter Andrew Cushin has revealed the follow up to his debut single ‘It’s Gonna Get Better’, and it’s another step into the limelight for the 20 year old with the compelling ‘Waiting For The Rain’.

The track was the first track he ever wrote, at just 15 years old, and was inspired by Andrew witnessing a family argument and running off to a friends house. The song weeps this melancholy, the stripped back acoustic guitar joined by the electric as he builds up to the devastating chorus – “I’m hanging by the fire, the flames are raising higher, I’m waiting for the rain,” he implores. If that doesn’t strike a blow right in the feels, then I don’t know what will.

The video sees Andrew performing upstairs in his local St.Peter’s Social Club, the contrast with his intimate performance upstairs in contrast to the bustle of football on the tv, darts and drinking downstairs.

Check it out, here