Film Review: The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales

For decades, animation and animated films were seen as the sole preserve of children’s entertainment. Slowly but surely, opinions have begun to change. Whilst the moral driven films of Disney and Pixar have proved big box office hits, it is perhaps the more traditional fayre which has left the most lasting memories. Films such as Song of the Sea, The Tale of Princess Kaguya, The Red Turtle and Ernest and Celestine showcased both wonderful art and film-making. Patrick Imbert and Benjamin Renner follow-up their 2012 hit with The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales.

Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats we’re about to begin. We have three plays for you this evening and we hope you enjoy them. A lazy stork leaves the delivery of a baby in the care of a rabbit, a pig and a duck. A big, bad fox tries to live up to his reputation whilst he unwittingly adopts three confused baby chicks. For the film’s final tale, the animals embark on a hair-brained scheme to replace Father Christmas.

The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales takes three stories from Renner’s own comic books and adds a sprinkle of fairy dust. These yarns are so good-natured and such slapstick fun it’s almost medically impossible not to enjoy them. The 2D animation is beautiful and the tales are light and airy with some wonderful voice-acting. There’s no pretence here, these are purely narratives for children delivered in a way which will appeal to everyone. The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales is a magical and heart-warming family entertainment.

Big Bad Fox and Other Tales is out in cinemas from 3 August.

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