Rosie Varela is the singer, songwriter and guitarist for the brilliant Texan shoegaze outfit Eep (whose single ‘Hogar’ I raved about last year). She has now branched out as The Rosie Varela Project (RVP) and released the first of a slough of singles in anticipation of an album later this year.

And ‘Low’ clearly puts on display Varela’s immense talents – her distant and ethereal vocals float above and beyond the delicious wash of brittle, sharp-edged guitars – a wall of reverb-soaked resonance.

Varela’s strength has always been in her melodies – mysterious and magical layers of dreamy lines – in true shoegaze fashion barely distinguishable but atmospheric and evocative. The accompanying video is appropriately filled with vintage psychedelic images that match the dream pop reverie:

If this is the calibre of RVP, then we are in for some exciting new music. You can get the single through the link below: