Premiere: Melbourne instrumentalist band Badinage release the dynamic ‘Mustang’ from the stables ahead of debut album.

We are over the moon to be able to bring you an exclusive first listen to the latest track from Melbourne instrumental band Badinage. We reviewed Badinage’s EP ‘Meander’ earlier this year, describing it as a collection of immersive evocative instrumentals that bleed with a melancholic intensity. ‘Mustang’ takes us in a little different direction, installing a little steel in the spine, an injection of a little rock’n’roll robustness.

It canters along with a high stepping trot and a melodic riff that positively sings out like a chorus, despite the absence of vocals. There is brooding element to the track, circling and prowling with a dark intent and yet an uplifting thrill as it returns to the central spine. The mix of somber, weeping cello and wild chaotic guitars creates a delicious tension as the song reached a crescendo.

There is an element of Pink Floyd, a dash of Died Pretty, the thrum of Dirty Three and a shoegaze sheen to the epic journey this track takes us on.

Cellist Simon Capp says of the track:

We rehearsed it only a couple of times before taking it into the studio, and recorded it before ever playing it live. For that reason the track has a certain freshness to it, in contrast with most of the other songs on the album, which we’ve been playing for a year or two.

This is thrilling energetic stuff that is loquacious without words – expressive and euphoric.

Guitarist Dave Reid is a big fan of Swervedriver, whose song ‘Son of Mustang Ford’ partially inspired the title of the single. Drummer Matt Omond says:

I think about this song more in terms of horse power than horse. The time I once spent driving around in a left-hand drive Ford Mustang with a friend floods back. The moment the car started I could feel power that wanted to cut loose. We started in city traffic that was limiting the vehicle from really taking off, but once the road opened up, so did the car, and we really got a chance to have at it once the road became clearer. I feel like this song really captures those moments!

Indeed the track has a frisson of excitement and danger you get when you are behind the wheel of the eponymous car:

‘Mustang’ is out everywhere tomorrow. The track has been produced by the legendary Phill Calvert (The Birthday Party, The Psychedelic Furs) to capitalise on their creative momentum and record their debut forthcoming album.

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