Track: Oracle Sisters – High Moon

It’s not a rarity to hear traces of the cultural past in a band’s music. In fact, the exception makes the rule here. Sometimes, however, it’s quite apparently reached for (which is never a good thing) and other times it flows naturally through the blood of the musicians. I’ve found that the latter is the case often in France, – bands like Blondi’s Salvation come to mind- and we can add Parisian trio Oracle Sisters’ new track “High Moon” as another case in point. 

“High Moon” is the third single off of the band’s debut EP Paris I, out next month on 22Twenty. Set to a waltz, it feels like a relaxed and jazzy version of bal-musette while warm guitars with tasteful use of spring reverb and full harmonies introduce a dream-pop element. The vocals are crisp and, if I’m honest, a bit too good, though you can’t knock someone for being excellent at their craft. “High Moon” sits in perfect diversity towards the back-end of this EP, showing Oracle Sisters to be no one-trick pony.

Produced by the band, “High Moon” is an exposition of the type of high-caliber yet unpretentious musicianship that has come to be synonymous in my mind with young French bands. I think we can look forward to what we see from this band in the future. 

Check out “High Moon” here

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