Track: Bill Wyman – What & How & If & Why & When

So he may not be in the Rolling Stones anymore, despite doing thirty one years service on the bass guitar slot, but Bill Wyman is a busy boy. Since quitting the band back in 1993, he’s written seven books, exhibited his photographs globally, launched his open brand if metal detector, composed for film and TV, and recorded and toured with his band Rhythm Kings.

What he hasn’t done, at least for 33 years, is release a solo album. Initially Wyman wasn’t sure about the idea, saying “Initially I thought I’m a bit old for this but then I thought all the old blues musicians played till they dropped so why don’t I give it a go…”. Gathering together some old songs and writing some newer ones, he recorded them with his band – long time collaborator/guitarist Terry Taylor, Guy Fletcher (of Mark Knopfler fame), Graham Broad and Robbie McIntosh, and it comes out June 22nd on Proper Records.

Taken from the record is a new single, ‘What & How & If & Why & When’, its a old stomper of a rock track, with some of his former employers about it, with the soul and the backing singers and the brass section all contributing to something that holds your attention, largely due to Wymans gruff monologue, as he tells his stories with insight and more than a little humour.

So far, so good. Maybe its even been worth the wait.

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