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With a new album imminent Zoog from Electro-punk riot squad Angelspit took some time out to answer a few questions about crowd funding, the new album and having such a talented fanbase. Regular partner in crime and disorder Destroy X might be focussing on other projects for the time being but this hasn’t stopped him from working fiendishly hard on new material that features appearances from Helalyn Flowers and Miss Ballistic amongst others.

From the start with first album ‘Krankhaus’ Angelspit has seemed to be about more than just music. A stylised visual aesthetic which wouldn’t look out of place in fetish angelspit-the_product-Covermagazine  Skin Two has accompanied each of your releases. Does the visual representation of Angelspit matter as much as the music?

At the core of everything I do is a concept. This concept is represented in the music, art  and fashion.  The new album is called “THE PRODUCT” – and the concept is a health care insurance company  that is selling eternal youth, as it encompassed many of the concerns voiced during my  conversations with Angelspit’s audience ­ The future of the job market and the economy,  retirement plans that won’t be around in 30 years…or 10 years, Health care and health insurance  that means nothing, and online social networking that’s leaving us more isolated and lonely ­ encouraging a “virtual” community as opposed to real relationships. Relationships are breaking  down because the world is being over run with lonely desperate people who look beautiful on their  avatar. This is the rise of the cult of selfishness.

I felt it was awesomely absurd to put the answer to this massive cluster fuck in a pill that would  cure all your problems.

Your new album ‘The Product’ is set for release in March, what can fans expect from the  new album and why did you opt for using Indiegogo for pre­orders?

I like crowd funding because you can involve people in the process of launching the album.  I can easily update supporters on new developments.

The biggest selling item is still the signed CD. I have offered more modern options – like USB  data keys in the shape of a pill – but people still prefer the CD.

DF20127Crowd funding is more than just pre­sales, it is a way for the supporters to become the financial  backers and act as a record label. These people inspired the lyrics and music, now they get to be  the producers…this is AWESOME!

Bands embarking on crowd funding are always told to make a professional sounding sales pitch  so people will know that the band is genuine…FUCK THAT, I wrote:

“ANGELSPIT’s new album ‘THE PRODUCT’ is crammed with SATAN! Thirteen tracks of  MAYHEM to put more corruption in your life! Funds go towards hiring a militia OF ROCK  WARRIORS to INVADE YOUR BRAIN!!!!”

For christ’s sake…this is Rock’n’Roll…why is everyone so serious??

Some of the recurring themes in your music are rebellion, independent thinking and  commentary on the herd mentality. Did this come from an affinity with the themes of old  school punk music?

Angelspit’s new album ‘The Product’ is inspired by conversations with people at shows  and through social networking.

I wanted to pull the focus away from “I ­hate­ my ­job”, and move it onto “why­ do­ I hate­ my ­life”? Most people I spoke to are not happy. A recurring theme in my conversations was loss,  relationships and an unsure future. In the past, Angelspit lyrics were picturesque, grotesque and more visual than literal. On The  Product the lyrics are much more direct.

A fan video contest resulted in numerous impressive entries (Keith Jensen’s ‘Channel Hell’  being a personal favourite). This resulted in your recruiting ‘The Liar’ to join you as a video  artist after winning with their video for ‘Fuck The Revolution’. Were you impressed by your  fanbases talent?

Keith Jensen is BRILLIANT! I have hired him to make another video for the new track  “Pretty Dead Boys” from the new album – this will be launched soon. Check met750-angelspit-new-albumout his other  madness @  brainwomb

Another video entrant who stood out was Christopher Davis @ Humantwelve. I also  recruited him to make the video for the new track “Ambassador”. Christopher can work with the  most bare­bones material and make something AMAZING!

Angelspit had a design competition for our 2012 USA tour which was won by Walt Watts  @ creative distortions . I hired Walt to do Digital Illustration on The Product. He is very talented!

I have also worked with many other supporter’s talents to help on the album. Sean Moriarty built me a KILLER music computer, John Dempsey built several DIY synths from old Atari computers,  Rodney Linderman (legendary punk GOD from Dead Milkmen) also made me a Sonic Hell Box,  Brian Kirby from Sum Zero Inertia also created several custom modules from vintage TV vacuum  tubes. It is an honour to be surrounded by inspiring people…but it is exhilarating be surrounded by Mad  Scientists!

You’ve released several remix albums with a variety of artists reworking your material, do  you like seeing what other artists can do with your material and how it can be  transformed?

The more people who help, the deeper it sounds­ and I recruited many people to help  make the new album sound rich.  On ‘The Product’ I took the opportunity to DFD20618work with guest vocalists ­ It’s great to throw and idea at  someone and not knowing how they will throw it back. Helalyn Flowers  appear on the song “Fight Dirty” ­ their vocals and guitars DESTROY that track! Terror feme  Fatale vocalist Miss Ballistic also appears on several tracks ­ her voice is pure hi­grade explosive.

George Bikos not only supplies Angelspit’s KILLER guitars, but also co­writes the opening track  ‘Hot Mess’.  ‘The Product’ features slamming drums from Bradley R. Bills of Chant (​) and  Chris Kling.

I also wanted to use a different sonic palette – so I collected several old samplers from the early  90’s ­ 2 EMAXIs, an EMAXII, an EMULATORII and an EMULATORIIIXP.  The Doepfer Modular Synth is once again heavily used. Synths, drums, guitars and vocals are  wave­hammered, patched and murdered!

‘The Product’ took two years to complete. At times it was a very difficult task – and I hope this  album encourages people to keep going and pursue their goals.  Sometimes the universe rolls a dice that is not in your favour, and all you can do is make the best  of it. Don’t stop creating. You have no idea it is to the greater picture that you keep your mind  active and heart open to change. Your current situation might be a hurtful place, but with a plan  and persistence you WILL get to a better place. Do not give up.

‘The Product’ imagery credits,

Abby Schoofs Photography []

Hair and Make-up: Nicole Oechsner (Renaissance Salon & Spa)

Fashion: Zoog Von Rock

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