New Music : Listen to Maj Monet’s “Run Maj Monet!”

Swedish synth pop band Maj Monet have unleashed a brand new track called “Run Maj Monet!” and it’s a slickly-produced slice of synth pop heaven. In the vein of Electric Youth, Pawws, and anything bright, shiny, and from the 80s comes this exhilarating shot of a neon jam.

For me, Maj Monet captures summer drives, late night conversations, pop-inflected melancholy and has created a portal back to an 80s adolescence I sometimes long for when I hear synth pop of this grandeur. It’s a sweeping track that moves and breathes.

About the track:

Maj Monet gives us an indie-electronic montage built by dreamy synths and guitars. ”Run Maj Monet” will be released in June and will be the band’s first track in english. The single is produced together with Kristian Karlsson (Cult of Luna/pg.lost) and is released by Maj Monet as a collaboration with Niels Nielsen (Dead Soul, NN) at his label ”The Cortina Collective”.

Check out the track below.

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