See: Nuha Ruby Ra reveals new video for Run, Run

It’s not very often that music videos are interesting. I’ve never truly participated in them for that exact reason and I haven’t rewatched more than a handful of them since I had a VHS of clips of nü-metal videos interrupted by Carson Daly. 

The video for Nuha Ruby Ra’s new single “Run Run” changes that. Visually, it’s Carl Jung meets Nintendo 64. Sonically, it’s Birthday Party with a shaman. It’s really simple: a heavy bass with good tone (a big plus because it’s not easy to do), drums, and Nuha’s vocals leading through what feels like a stream of consciousness but is too precise and accurate to be spontaneous. The song is part of her debut EP How To Move (Brace Yourself Records), which went from bedroom recordings to a full-blown experience with the help of members of Liars (definitely hear that) and Insecure men. About the song, Nuha says: “it’s the epic scene where you find out the truth. The big fight happens, confessions are made, the journey’s told and you don’t know if the character is gonna live or die. It’s the penultimate track on the record…” 

I’m not sure why the video is labeled NSFW. Sure, there’s a naked woman in it. But she’s not real. And if you are to take a Jungian plunge, shouldn’t you be naked anyway? Perhaps journeying into the depths of the unconscious is more intimate that sex, and if Nuha Ruby Ra is capable of this nakedness and intimacy on her debut EP then maybe she’ll help us find the truth. 

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