New Music: Garage Punks Bad Breeding release new single, Chains

Following on from their explosive debut single, Burn This Flag, garage punks Bad Breeding return with a new single, Chains, out on November 24th as a limited edition 7″ single and free download. Better still, the flip side is a version of the Wire track, Two People in a Room.

They’ve decided to buck the trend of releasing it through a label, instead selling it through eBay and Alibaba, a move which the band explain -“We’d had offers from labels to put the single out, but the choices available confined the physical records to particular regions and culturally-closed circles. The idea of removing the commercial partitions between Bad Breeding and the listener seemed pretty straight forward: taking our ideas at source and making them directly available to anyone who wants to listen. The decision to self-release was hardly a gaudy slight on traditional release methods. For us, it was just important to go beyond the limited distribution frameworks made available for smaller releases.”

Whatever the thought process behind it, Chains shivers at first, before powering through, part post-punk, part thrash, part scruffy, noisy, breathtaking brilliance. Scorched by quasi-shouted lyrics and an increasing cacophony, it blasts through at under two minutes. This really is the definition of anger.

Catch the band live:

Fri 31 London Calling Paradiso, Amsterdam

Tues 11 AB Club, Brussels*

Wed 12 Kelder Stroomhuis, Eindhoven, Netherlands*

Fri 14 106 Club, Rouen, France

Sat 15 Grand Mix Tourcoing, France

Sun 16 Les In Rocks festival La Cigale, Paris^

Tues 18 Tunnel Milan, Italy

Thurs 20 La (2) Sala Apollo Barcelona, Spain

Fri 21 Sala Lemon Madrid, Spain

Sat 22 Armazem F Lisbon, Portugal


^w/ The Jesus & Mary Chain

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