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If McFly can run a petrol station then Prides can cope with a diner, right? Wrong. I don’t know who’s idea it was to give bands a secondary occupation but it seems to be a hazard more than anything. Stick to the music, fellas.

The Glasgow-based trio have just unveiled a brand new music video to ‘Little Danger’, the most requested track from their début album The Way Back Up. The song itself is laced with big trance synths and a vocoder, adding something new to the electronic mix. It’s sexy, and it encourages the crowd to get involved with every rendition of “I wanna be!”

Stewart Brock, the band’s lead singer, comments: “Lyrically it’s about that start of a relationship, about wanting someone so much that you can’t seem to contain it. It’s about that moment your body shivers when you catch eyes with someone.”

The video brings us to an old diner in London where the Prides boys are busy preparing another day of eels, pie and mash. Stewart takes the role of waiter, who immediately falls in love with a beautiful customer who catches his eye. Lewis Gardiner – drummer/diner manager – barely looks up from his newspaper, as if this wasn’t the first time Stewart was about to do something really dumb over a pretty girl.

Like all good fairy tales, there’s a villain to be conquered. The girl of the story appears to be trapped by her mafia-like boyfriend and his shady acquaintance, and Stewart is determined to rescue her. Sure enough, the thug soon realises what’s going on and points a gun at the star-crossed couple. It’s Callum Wiseman – instrumentalist/chef – who saves the day, when he hits the crook over the head with a saucepan, looking a bit smug as he does so.

So, what have we learned from ‘Little Danger’? Well, Stewart can’t make a cuppa to save his life and Callum is handy with a saucepan. But the song itself is a shimmering tale of lust at first sight, when the idea of a person overwhelms the senses and everything else just fades away. It’s got all the hooks and it’s a compelling new release from our favourite synth-pop trio.

Watch the video to ‘Little Danger’ below:

‘Little Danger’ will be officially released on 18th September 2015.

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