News: Super American Eagle (with members from The Dandy Warhols, Courtney Barnett’s band and Immigrant Union) are living on your ‘Payroll’ ahead of news of self-titled debut album.

We premiered Super American Eagle‘s debut single ‘Yes’ last year which received an enormous amount of interest and cleared out a few cobwebs from the brain. And that’s not surprising given the key constituents of the band. The band, based in Melbourne, consists of The Dandy Warhol’s drummer Bent DeBoer, Courtney Barnette’s drummer (playing bass) Dave Mudie and front man/guitarist Bob Harrow from Immigrant Union. You wouldn’t expect restful repose after their explosive start.

On news that they will be releasing their debit self-titled album on 10 November through the inimitable Cheersquad Records & Tapes, they have unveiled their new single ‘Payroll’

A delicious buzz of feedback and mountain high riffs introduce the track with the louche acerbic deadpan vocals threading its way through the thunder before an arching chorus kicks in replete with pop sensibilities and harmonies. It’s an eviscerating, cathartic and thoroughly enjoyable whiplash sound complete with animalistic yelps in the ether.

Super American Eagle explains that:

‘Payroll’ was written about being stuck in a dead-end job or relationship and no one gives a shit about you.

The lyrics reveal a droll insouciant attitude:

I’ve been living on your payroll
You never give me a dime
I’ve been living on your payroll
You never see it in my eyes
You never worry what we’re doing
A complete waste of time

Brilliant thumping head clearing stuff:

‘Payroll’ is out now and available to download and stream through the link below and all the usual download and streaming sites.

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