Track: Dark The Suns – Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä

Finnish melodic metal band ‘Dark The Suns’ are back after almost ten years. The band released a new single ‘Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä’ which is taken from their upcoming fourth studio album which is set to be released later this year by Inverse Records. 

Mikko Ojala commets: “After years of silence, Inka and I decided in early 2020 to continue making music together. Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä includes melancholic synth melodies combined with some aggressive elements. The song speaks of storming sorrow and grief. We have also written some new songs for our upcoming fourth album which will be released later this year.”

Creepy violins start before the guitars and drums join in and the track turns into familiar dark territory. The lyrics are growled with the violins bringing the melody. For fans of the death metal genre who like their guitars heavy and vocals rough.

Check it out, here

Purchase this single or the bands back catalogue via their Bandcamp.

Find out more about the band on their Facebook

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