See: Sean Christopher releases new video for Indigo Blue

Dutch singer-songwriter Sean Christopher has returned for the follow up to his much lauded debut album ‘Yonder’, which dropped back in 2018. He’s just released a third single from its follow up ‘Wander’, out on May 29th, called ‘Indigo Blue’.

Christopher describes the song, “‘Indigo Blue’ is a song about love and how love can transcend everything. When I actively started to meditate, I read about Indigo; the colour of wisdom, intuition, perception and creativity. Virtues that will show us the way.”

Tumbling indie-folk is the order of the day in Indigo Blue, the melodies soaked in melancholy as the guitar aches and it’s soaked in harmonies and echo and an electronic hue that makes it impossible not to love.

On it’s accompanying video, Sean says “The animation for Indigo Blue is done by my brother Julian. Back in the days, when we were kids, he always came up with film projects to work on together. Whether it was a stop motion action figure movie or an improvised play; he could create his own creative world. Indigo Blue was a nice opportunity to work together again. My brother has an authentic view on life and that was exactly what I looked for in this song.”

Check it out, here

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