ANDY COOPER, the Californian wordsmith who was one-third of old-skool rhymers Ugly Duckling, is back.

He’s got third solo LP L.I.S.T.E.N.’ (Lyrical Innovation Supplying The Ear’s Need),Supplying The Ear’s Need), locked and loaded; it’ll be with you digitally on September 25th, with the wax bringing up the rear on December 11th (trust us; it’s murder out there getting vinyl pressed at the moment, what with the ‘rona).

Expect a dectet of tracks packed with lexical agility. Wanna try? Listen to the first single to fire out from the album, “The Man”, below, and then come back to me. That’s proper lyricism, fleet of foot and with a perfect funky frame courtesy DJ Moneyshot, of The Allergies.

Why this particular acronymical title, Andy?

He says that “the scene today is so dependent on fast-paced, social media marketing and instant reactions that I don’t believe the audience has time to actually listen to songs and enjoy them; which, in my opinion, diminishes the value of music.

“I’m inviting people to soak in this wonderful art form because it’s one of life’s greatest reprieves”.

Now ain’t that the truth.

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