Track: FEET get all bookish with the sweetly ragged guitars of ‘Library’ ahead of their August EP

FEET, photographed by Percy Walker-Smith

NOW WHOLLY ensconced in what they call a ‘hive mind’ situation in North London, and with their new EP, Walking Machine, poised to be set free on a guitar-lovin’ public on August 6th, FEET today release the summery Noo Yoik fuzz melodies of “Library”, which we’ve got for you below. And a one-two-three-four …

“”Library was the product of our ‘slow Ramones’ period when writing in lockdown,” explains FEET frontman George.

“I achieved a relatively high reading level at primary school – impressed? … so I’ve felt the sting of a late book fee quite a few times.

“This is my ode to libraries everywhere; return your books”.

Having moved into a North London flat together in September 2019, FEET say they’re now living “like a hive mind” and have levelled up as people and as a band several times over – they get to spend the whole livelong day making music now.

But moving from Coventry and eager to kick on from 2019’s debut album, What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham hasn’t been without its bumps in the road; a whole stash of new material was binned off after realising that, far from sounding like a cohesive second record, “one song sounded like a covers pub band, and another sounded like Eminem could throw some bars over it,” notes the band’s Callum.

Back to the drawing board, then; they sat and wrote a manifesto for the FEET aesthetic. “No wanky guitar solos, no sailor outfits, no bringing a broom onstage,” jokes George Haverson. They focused, focused some more, and took an taking a bigger interest in production and atmosphere.

“We’re not a post punk band, we don’t sound like a ‘London band’ whatever that is, but the indie reference in our shared hive mind is related to a major label, squeaky clean sound; which isn’t what we want from our band,” George continues.

“You either go the mainstream route or the sleazy South London route and we’re slap bang in the middle, so we’re trying to state our spot. We’re pretty comfortable where we are and this is the direction we wanna take it in.”

The Walking Machine EP, says George, takes “… the pop music formula – hooky choruses, nothing too self-indulgent – but it’s still got a bit of edge.

“With Indie music, there’s an element where it can get quite soft and it’s quite easy to go through that phase where you think you sound like The Beach Boys, but we’ve come off the end of that where we want to be a bit grittier.”

In celebration of the EP launch, FEET will are hitting the road in August for seven-date tour; a couple are already sold out, so don’t hang about. You can purchase tickets, here.

Thursday, August 12th, Sheffield, Record Junkee;
Friday, August 13th, Manchester, The Deaf Institute;
Saturday, August 14th, Nottingham, The Bodega;
Thursday, August 19th, Birmingham, Mama Roux’s;
Friday, August 20th Bristol, Thekla;
Saturday, August 21st, London, Hackney, Oslo (SOLD OUT) and
Sunday, August 22nd, Brighton, Hope & Ruin (SOLD OUT).

Connect with FEET at their website, and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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