See: Logan Lynn & Bitch take ‘Standing In The Way Of Control’ out for a spin in the dark electro pulse of the dancefloor to celebrate Kill Rock Stars’ 30th birthday

HOW THE hourglass casts its sand; believe it or not, and I’m struggling with this, 2021 actually marks 30 years – 30! – of releases from Portland, Oregon’s Kill Rock Stars. I ain’t countin’ no more.

Special releases and fun things are promised all year from the label that began back in ’91 with releases from Witchy Poo, Kathleen Hanna and Unwound, and a first, seminal compilation featuring Courtney Love, Nirvana, Melvins, Bratmobile and more.

And one of the exceptionally ace things that the label is doing by way of blowin’ out those 30 candles on the cake is a covers singles series entitled Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars), in which more than 30 artists worldwide have been invited to cover tracks from Kill Rock Stars’ catalogue.

The latest is with us this very day, and sees producer, filmmaker, television personality and LGBT activist Logan Lynn team up with queer music scene scion Bitch to take Gossip’s “Standing in the Way of Control” out into pulsing electro vivacity, ripe for a darkened dancefloor.

Logan, who’ll be releasing his tenth studio album on Kill Rock Stars in ’22, says: “I grew up listening to Kill Rock Stars comps and discovered a bunch of my all-time favorite bands and influences on those earliest KRS recordings.

“I’ve always felt like this label was part of my DNA as a songwriter and have also always loved Gossip and Bitch, so this whole thing was dreamy.

“Gino Mari’s interpretation of the instrumental set the tone, and we all just wanted this thing to blow out everyone’s speakers. Also Bitch is amazing. Such an honor to finally get to work with her!”

Bitch, who also has a new album, her ninth, lined up for release by the label next year after eight years out, is also a huge fan. She says: “I’ve been a fan of Gossip since I saw them play in a sweaty little club in my old hometown, New York City. Their raw energy and Beth’s voice were kinda life-changing.

“Logan came to me through the queer network after my friend Jay Brannan told me we should meet. I have admired his work ever since!

“Doing this track together was a way to acknowledge the community Kill Rock Stars has built and maintained for 30 years. I’m proud to be part of its legacy!”

You can get y’self aboard the Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars) digital cover series with a $20 subscription, which will net you at least 30 tracks. Once you’re aboard you’ll receive a download alert as each new cover is released.

The series already sees Tamar Aphek taking on Elliott Smith; Mike Watt + The Black Gang go for an excursion into Bikini Kill territory, Califone rerub Mecca Normal. and Deerhoof enter a whole sandwich tier, covering Sleater-Kinney and getting covered themselves by Shutups, Shaylee and Dave Depper, of Death Cab for Cutie.

The official covers series playlist is on Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and Amazon Music. It’s updated as each new track drops and contains the corresponding original. Find it here and follow along.

Logan Lynn and Bitch’s “Standing In The Way Of Control” is out on digital streaming platforms today.

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