See: Darren Cross creates a panoply of images for the track ‘Are USS Are?’, from his album ‘DISTORDER’

Last month we reviewed the superb album ‘DISTORDER’ from Sydney’s multi-talented songwriter, producer and videographer Darren Cross, calling it a brilliant expression of our times: discordant, unsettling and at times bleak, but delivered with a swagger and a panache. Cross has assembled an engrossing video for one of the tracks – ‘Are USS Are?’ – which captures its otherworldly elements.

Industrial motorik beats underpin ‘Are U SS Are?’ with a Kraftwerkian synth coating. Cross’s vocals are distorted, distant, almost dispassionate against the upbeat flow. Lyrics are opaque and surreal: the overall effect a psychedelic trip, hallucinatory and alien. The video assembles a series of blurred, fuzzy images, drawing in a soviet cold war era motif which perfectly complements the icy chilling rhythms and vocals.

This is a track that grows on you every listen: distorted hyperventilating pop for the COVID generation:

‘DISTORDER’ is available in limited edition CDs and to download through the link below:

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