Track: The sparkling Jacob Fitzgerald returns with another shimmering pop delight ‘Lonely’ and announces new EP ‘Pretend I’m Cool’.

Jacob Fitzgerald‘s inherent ability to write perfectly formed pop songs that sparkle and shimmer is proven yet again with his new track ‘Lonely’. Pressing gently on the brakes after the fizzy pop of earlier single ‘Pretty Good For My Mind‘, ‘Lonely’ has a slower paced trot and a faint touch of americana in its yearning delivery and measured style. Nonetheless, an effervescence remains and Fitzgerald’s voice is a velvet pillow and the music landscape bold wide and open like a cinematic surround screen.

Fitzgerald says of the track:

‘Lonely’ really took shape when we found a way to make the energy match the concept of the song. Desperation, uncertainty and insecurity are the key themes floating in this track. We wanted to capture all those emotions without the negativity and melancholy type stigma that it typically surrounds. It was just about upping the intensity.

A gentle guitar start sets the controls for melancholia while Fitzgerald’s mellifluous vocals cruise over the top of the jangling strings with an anthemic rush as the song intensifies. Pure pop mastery.

‘Lonely’ comes of Fitzgerald’s newly announced EP ‘Pretend I’m Cool’ due for release on November 19. Nothing to pretend at all, based on this catalogue.

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