Track: Melbourne’s Jacob Fitzgerald opens a bottle of spirited, sparkling pop with ‘Pretty Good For My Mind’.

Jacob Fitzgerald‘s new single ‘Pretty Good For My Mind’ fizzes like a shaken bottle of carbonated pop opened while trampolining, with a quite sprightly bounce and a style of its own. The vocoded backing singing and the slinky sinuous saxophone add a certain frisson to the mix, but it is Fitzgerald’s innate ear for melody and his cheeky delivery that creates a blinding ray of sunshine. Fitzgerald’s vocals are suave, louche and enticing with a hip swivelling timbre that ups the temperature and sets the pulse racing.

And even better, the track is brimful of a life affirming positivity. Fitzgerald says of the track:

All my life I’ve been told my Dad was a hot-headed rebel and that my Mum was the beautiful, calming influence that made him get it together! I’ve never really seen that side of my father, so I found it to be quite romantic and poetic that after meeting on the dancefloor as teens, they came together, grew as people and built a whole life. Whilst this track is conceptually about how my folks met, the overall message is that our partner should bring out the best in us. They should be good for our minds!

This is an essential shot of Vitamin D to dispel those lockdown blues – a catchy tune that is an antidote to the existential dross of everyday existence:

‘Pretty Good For My Mind’ is pretty, pretty good. Out through UNIFIED Music Group can download/stream the single here.

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