Premiere: Singer-Songwriter HODJE Shares Sparking New Electro-Pop Stunner ‘Make Me The Villain’

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Chicago based singer-songwriter HODJE shares her sparkling, cinematic new single ‘Make Me The Villain’. We’re very excited to be running the premiere!

The pseudonym of solo artist Margaret Young, HODJE’s ethereal, emotive and hauntingly addictive electronic-pop soundscapes capture an addictive 80’s sheen whilst also incorporating subtle experimentation and innovative musical decisions. ‘Make Me The Villain’ is a fine example of this, delivering a sweeping wash of synths over a punching beat before introducing an intriguing key change and violin part on the infectious chorus.

Topped with HODJE’s silky, subtly processed and yet honest and emotive vocal delivery, the track also showcases ear worm melodies and story telling lyricism that emphasise the track’s radiant commercial appeal.

Speaking about the single, Hodje shares: “The song, to me, is about accepting that sometimes standing up for ourselves might mean we are characterized as the villain in someone else’s story. The hook of the song is ‘make me the villain and set me free,’ and that’s because there is something freeing about accepting that we can’t control people’s opinions of us or what character role we are assigned to.”

Listen early below ahead of the full release tomorrow.

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