See: Astari Nite release enigmatic video for Paint The Stars Tonight, plus tour news

‘Paint The Stars Tonight’ is a deliciously dark and gothic track with jangling frosty guitars and sweeping strings from US band Astari Nite. A video has just been released for the shimmering track which comes off the band’s album ‘Here Lies’, released earlier this year through Negative Gain.

The track recalls the gothic pop of The Cure or Cocteau Twins and singer Mycheal’s vocals are deep and sonorous, with the timbre of David Bowie or Richard Butler from The Psychedelic Furs. But nothing is a pastiche or derivative: Astari Nite have their own style and in ‘Paint the Stars Tonight’ it is self-evident.

The video is a mix of casual engagements, deep-rooted mysticism and romanticism – a fitting vibe to the song’s elegancy:

Freyja Lilith (director) continues to elegantly interpret our songs to tell her own story through film which is terrifying to me. Of course, it has to do with how powerful her spirit is deep within. How she captures me crying and makes it look like I’m smiling will always be a mystery.

The album ‘Here Lies’ is a immersive collection of occult-infused post punk tracks – pounding, thunderous rhythms and crystalline shards of guitars:

Astari Nite have announced a tour for this year, including a gig in Germany. Full details here:

November 21st – (Black Market fest 2020), Miami

December 12th- Will’s Pub – Orlando

January 30th – (Communion After Dark presents Astari Nite) Ybor City, Tampa

March 26th-28th (Dark Side of the Con 4) New Jersey

May 22nd – (Wave Gotik Treffen) Germany

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