Track: Clark – Peak Magnetic, plus new album news

Clark returns this spring with a new album, released through Warp, the label he has been with since his teens. Titled Death Peak, he says “I’ve had the title Death Peak since August 2016. It felt so right, I would repeat it to myself like a mantra. Death Peak Death Peak Death Peak. It starts gently, all meadows and butterflies and ends with you on top of this gnarly fearsome mountain peak, surveying a shattered landscape below”

From it he’s streaming a track, Peak Magnetic. He explains “I wanted the kick to sound like some massive natural event, barely controlled, a boulder bouncing down a hill with birds tweeting around it. A complete mud-ball of a pulse that anchors everything to it through sheer mass. It makes me think of outdoor spring time raving”. It’s this almost pychedelic feel about it, with the repeating patterns and snatches of melody that layer on top of eachother, before mutating into other things. As the track unravels, so this electronic white noise almost becomes the overriding componant, before the melodies once again break through. It’s lovely, wonderous stuff.

Check it out, here

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