Premiere: Fingerless let us know there’s ‘More To Come’ in another enigmatic anthem that sends chills down your spine. Launch date also announced.

Feature Photograph: Jonny Pickvance

We are catatonic with excitement to premiere another slice of Brisbane joy from the magnificent and criminally underrated Fingerless, with their new droplet of pleasure, ‘More To Come’. Musical Chameleons as they are, this is a smooth snaky slice of sunshine from the band that has a Queens of the Stone Age element to it, something cinematic and expansive as the bright blue skies above Queensland. A jingle jangle 12-string edge and soaring vocals add to an anthemic blast and a psychedelic burnish which reaches a crescendo with a massive outro that is positively Beatlesque but with the Fingerless burnish.

It’s spine chilling stuff.

This is the sound of a band that is not afraid to experiment and has the songwriting chops and musical prowess to sparkle and shine with a certain grandeur when they do so:

‘More To Come’? I hope so. This is a band that continues to shine with their craft, and why they are not bigger and getting more airplay is beyond me. A testimony to the bland anodyne bilge most radio stations insist on spewing forth, I guess, which gets paraded out in the onanistic self-congratulatory music awards that pollute our senses and offend our sensibilities.

But enough of that: this marvellous track is out through all the usual sites tomorrow here through those purveyors of good taste at 4000 Records. Thank heavens for labels like that.

The new single is out digitally on Tuesday, 7 March with a launch show at The Cave Inn on March 10th w/ Ben Ely’s Mungo Fungo Band, Marville and FAM. Tickets available here.

Feature Photograph: Jonny Pickvance

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