Track: Sam Smith – Safe with me

If I were to strip a Car down, I would find that if it were a Porsche it would have fantastic manufacturing, fantastic engineering and the best components available, and if it were a cheap car (can I apologise there, I know absolutely nothing about cars) it might be good, but the quality of the manufacturing, engineering and components wouldn’t be at that same level. As it happens, I can barely strip wallpaper, so it’s a pretty fantastical thought, but just hold it there for a minute.

Sam Smith, the 21-year-old singer from Bishop Stortford is a rising star. Already he has had a number one, after he sang on Naughty Boy‘s hit, La La La. He first made an impression on the music scene when he featured on Disclosure‘s song Latch. His debut single in his own right came out back in February, when Lay me down came out. Since then, as he himself says he’s been experimenting with sounds and producers, and he goes on to say ‘I enjoyed the process so much that I have decided to release an EP this summer to show you what I’ve been up to’.

The first track from that EP is Safe with me. It’s a classic pop song, that’s covered in electro-sounds, reverb, vocal effects and this shuffling drums propelling it along. Startling though, is the quality of Smiths’ vocal, intimate, emotional, soaring, enclosed all within the one song. And a fine pop song at that.

If I were to strip it down, I’d definitely find a Porsche.

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