See: Vuvuvultures release new video for Steel Bones, plus album launch news

Why is it scary stuff happens in Car Parks in films and TV. Yet in my life nothing even remarkable has happened in a Car Park. Once, when I was in a bit of a rush, I lost my ticket at the John Lewis car park in Sheffield, and I had to go to the desk in Ladies Fashionwear to sort it out. Similarly, once, in a particularly badly designed car park in Huddersfield (I know what you’re thinking, stop name-dropping all these exotic places, right?) I knocked the wing mirror off a hire car I was driving.

But I’ve watched TV and it’s apparently a hotbed for criminal activity of the most heinous kind. Murders, attacks, drug deals – car parks seem to be the place to go to if you’re a TV policeperson/detective. I myself have to admit to witnessing car park related criminal activity, in that I once saw a guy urinating into a quiet corner, so maybe it does reflect normal life.

The new Vuvuvultures video is out now for Steel Bones, and it’s set in (how could it be anywhere else) a car park. It’s dark, spooky, a little bit sexy (not the car park, but the characters contained at various points within it) and the turning over to the dark/Vuvuvultures side. The song, if you haven’t already heard it, is similarly dark, spooky and a little bit sexy, combining a real sense of a classic pop song with this almost gothy eletronica.

If you’ve missed Vuvuvultures, here’s a catch-up (although clearly you’re not committing enough time to this blog as we’ve written about them before). The London four-piece, Harmony Boucher on Vocals, Nicole Bettencourt Coelhoon on bass, guitarist Paul Ressel and Matt Christensen on Drums started off playing at self-promoted parties in abandoned buildings, releasing their self titles debut ep in 2012. Since then, they’ve gone on to play all over Europe and the Uk, gaining admirers by the bucketload on the way. Debut album Push/Pull is out on Energy Snake records on July 29th.

They’ve got an album launch party tomorrow (Saturday) at Hoxton Halls in London – grab a ticket here, and they follow that up with an instore at Rough Trade on Tuesday 30th.

Me, I’m just packing up a bit of a picnic, I’m off to spend a couple of hours down at my local NCP. Seems that’s where it’s all happening.

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