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When I was a student, I had a brief (roundabout a month I think it was) romantic liaison with one of the most beautiful girls I had met, up to that point. She was a half Italian, part-time model, and just for those few brief weeks I became her Lyle Lovett, and she my Julia Roberts (youngsters, look it up on a picture search and you’ll understand) As we went about our business of being music students (doing very little indeed) it occurred to me that everyone was thinking the same thing as me. I couldn’t believe my luck, and neither could anyone else. From the nightclub promoters who gave her free tickets just to go (and not me) to the university gig promoters who gave her free tickets (not me) to the Hair Salons who gave her free haircuts (you get the idea now, right) I began to get the message that I was a spare part.

Eventually we drifted apart. I got the message we’d drifted apart when she had a house party that I wasn’t invited to. After watching Vuvuvultures new video, I can thank only my lucky stars. Seems these beautiful types can take drifting apart to a whole new level. Their video (directed by Joni Andreou) sets out the perils of being polar opposites, albeit beauty and the err, fly. I wrote about the track that accompanies the video here, but what you need to know is this 1) Its a brilliant slice of filthy disco-pop 2) Vuvuvultures are going to be huge in the not too distant future 3) You’ll do incredibly well to stay still to this track.


The band was formed in London in 2011, and consist of Harmony Boucher on lead vocals, Nicole Bettencourt Coelho on bass, Paul Ressel on guitars and Matt Christensen on drums. The single is out on  25th March., with an album following later on in the year

Turns out I wasn’t that bothered. Although she was beautiful, her brain was taken up with…well, I don’t quite know. At first, I liked it that she agreed with everything I said, and liked everything that I liked. I became suspicious though and began to show her wrestling re-runs and episodes of Bergerac that were also met with enthusiastic approval. In a moment of epiphany, I suddenly realised that looks weren’t everything. I wouldn’t have gone to her stupid house party anyway.

I rather think I’m glad she never offered to cook me anything towards the end of that month.

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