Track: Debut track ‘Back On Top’ from Sydney’s The Petrov Affair is an enigmatic and melancholic delight

Qualified optimism never sounded so melancholic and measured than in the beautiful debut single from The Petrov Affair, a Sydney trio consisting of Murray Lee (Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar), Bruce Thomas (Guitar, Vocals) and Glenn Cone (Bass). Members were formerly in the band The Lee Three.

‘Back On Top’ has a stately and yearning piano riff spine that creates a haunting pattern hovering at the edges of the song, while the guitars add a dirty, scuzzy undercurrent. There are delicious harmonies that add to the wry, weary vocal tones that bring the apparently hopeful and optimistic lyrics down to the ground – my confidence is growing because tonight my friends they seem to care. A clever tension between hope and the cynical and sober reality about the exigencies of life and transience of happiness:

I’m back on top
this might only last a while
just enjoy this short trial
I’m back on top

This is a delightfully framed sentiment delivered via a beautifully reflective instrumentation:

Another product of the Marrickville Sound I go on about ad infinitum? I think so. There is an album on the way and The Petrov Affair will be launching the single at the Gasoline Pony on 10 July 2021 – details here.

You can get the single through the link below:

For those who were wondering, the Petrov Affair was a real incident in Australia during the Cold War involving all sorts of spying and Russian operatives. More here.

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