See: Hanni El Khatib releases new video for Alive

Building up to the release of his fifth album ‘Flight’ on May 15th via Innovative Lesiure, Hanni El Khatib has released a new video for the track Alive taken from the release.

It’s this sort of clever, ambitious psych-pop, all warm harmonies over these icy synth stabs in the verse, while the chorus is coloured with this descending figure that rings around your head immediately afterwards.

Of the track Hanni says: “I can’t believe I survived.” Speaking on the inspiration behind “ALIVE,” Hanni says: “Last April I was in a pretty serious car accident. Our vehicle was rear ended at high speed leaving the car crumpled up and flipped over. Miraculously we were all able to have come out relatively unscathed with only a few minor injuries. It was definitely a close call. Even the paramedics and police officers on site were in shock that we were all standing there given the severity of the crash. The whole experience gave me some some much needed perspective on life. I knew I wanted to touch on that somehow on this record. When the instrumental came together for the track it immediately felt like the perfect backdrop for this story.” 

If this is what we’ve to come from ‘Flight’, then roll on May 15th

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