Premiere: GEISTE releases new single ‘I just feel really empty inside all the time’

Out tomorrow via Snide Records is the new single from GEISTE – I just feel really empty inside all the time, and we’re delighted to be able to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia this morning. It’s the follow on a productive 2020 for GEISTE, which saw her release a couple of singles, Alibi and Tide along with her debut EP, Utopia.

Of the track, she says “I wrote this song inspired by a post on my tumblr from 2014 when I was living in Paris. The song represents a moment alone. When nothing moves you anymore and you’re looking to connect with your emotions. I pictured one of those moments, when I’m alone, feeling neither sad nor happy. Nothing is really happening until I start maybe putting some music on and dancing until I’m out of breath. Each ‘ah’ is a gasp for air until I break free. Until all the emotions invade you again. The lyrics are just raw thoughts or emotions I felt while writing the song.”

Opening with this mournful statement, ‘I just feel really empty inside all the time’ develops into this bubbling alt-pop track, unsurprisingly given its title, soaked in melancholy. That feeling is brought ever more to life with the beat dropping in and out, and waves off this electronic hue and oscillating synths weaving in and out of things. As it flowers though, things become more rough edged – the bass pumping, and beats driving with GEISTE’s vocal more emotive until the reigns are hauled back on for its close.

Check it out, here


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